Drug and alcohol issues

Bowchung has been involved in service delivery, research and evaluation of petrol sniffing issues since the early 1990’s. Gillian Shaw was instrumental in the introduction of Avgas to Central Australia as a fuel reduction strategy to reduce petrol sniffing, and in the ongoing evaluation of the impact of the strategy. She has also conducted several evaluations and reviews of individual substance use services, and the availability and efficacy of substance use services across a region. Her most recent project is to review the operation of social clubs in the Top End of the Northern Territory.

Youth services

Bowchung has undertaken consistent work in the design and evaluation of youth services for remote communities. Our staff have a solid understanding of the dynamics of many youth programs in remote areas, the difficulties they face and the strategies used by some programs to overcome the challenges.

Employment services

Bowchung has recently become involved in the design and limited delivery of services that facilitate increased employment in remote areas, and the provision of support to Indigenous employees. It is an area that we perceive to be vital if conditions in remote areas are to improve, and we are keen to develop further programs, and our expertise.

Community cultural development

Bowchung sees community development as a fundamental tool to enable remote and rural communities to strengthen themselves. As facilitators, we work in partnership with local people and organisations to identify needs and develop culturally appropriate strategies to address them. We often utilise community arts projects to work towards wider community development aims.